Welcome to AHN Networks!

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What we do

  • The AHN sales methodology is a unique proposition and provides ‘Sales And Marketing As a Service’ (SAMAS).
  • Companies can subscribe with AHN to sell their products or services for a defined geographic territory within India as AHN’s sales merchants.
  • Companies can subscribe with AHN.
    • For pushing their products and service in the market aggressively.
    • For clearing their stocks during peak and off peak business season.
    • For launching new products or services.
    • For surveys and product feasibility.

All within a defined location, region, zone or all across India with definitive and timelines and on a ‘ PAY PER USE’ basis.

  • Companies can choose to become exclusive or non-exclusive sales partners with AHN by subscribing online for any kind of their sales activities like
    • Sales campaigns
    • Sales promotions
    • Short term product surveys
    • Online product feedback surveys etc.
  • AHN provides a very flexible market reach approach for large to small manufacturers and service providers with the ‘Pay as yo go’ flexi pricing modal.
  • AHN can run multiple sales campaigns at different regions of India concurrently or one after the other as the company chooses to opt for.
  • AHN’s adaption of information technology tools like customer relationship management software applicatiuon will ensure the partners to have their dynamic dashboard to monitor the daily sales performance of their product and services.